The Art of Rick Camire
Paintings and Work on paper

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My work responds to historical questions and issues linking cultural experience, accountability, and innocence. I feel the important, larger social issues of this era be integrated into personal experience. I explore these issues in my work.


While painting I employ a process aesthetic; integrating abstraction and nonobjective approaches. I am not interested in consistency as I am more concerned with continuity or what I call “kinship”.


Throughout the process of painting I look signals within the surface. I mask off significant areas. Paint is applied using trowels, spreading the paint with a squeegee and brushwork. I build up layers of material, painting wet in to wet and wet on to dry, revealing dimensional glimpses of the painting.

As I paint I watch my work carefully, I look for marks as signifiers and then translate them into symbols signaling articulation within the piece.

I allow the work to reach a point where I ask myself if I can add to or subtract from the piece, if I can no longer do this, the work does not need my attention and exists on its own.


For the past twenty-five years, my experience with my work has been richly symbolic, producing complex, articulate images that speak with force and clarity. What emerges in my work I consider spiritual, integrating past history with contemporary issues.


Five principles guide my work: Integration of the process aesthetic, personal discovery, continuity, metaphor, and the production of provocative and lucid paintings.